Mya Volkman

 (920) 427-6659


What is “Only Rent Houses, LLC”?
They are the premier house leasing company servicing Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, and the surrounding communities. They work for the homeowner to find a good tenant and assist prospective tenants looking to view the available properties. They specialize in lease properties with a rent from $1200-$3000/month.

What kind of homes does Only Rent Houses, LLC handle?
Single family homes and condos with rent from $1200-$3000/month.

Why would someone looking to rent contact Only Rent Houses, LLC?

  • Relocating to the Appleton area or surrounding communities and are unable to purchase a home because they own a home that is not selling.
  • Relocating and are unfamiliar with the area and therefore, prefer to acclimate themselves to the area before buying a home.
  • Relocation is short term (1-2 years)
  • Local homeowner has sold home and has decided to build a new home or delay purchasing.

Is there a mandatory lease time?
All conditions of lease are determined by the owner of the property.

Are there fees for using Only Rent Houses, LLC?
There are no initial fees. As part of the application process, there is a $75/single or $95/couple for a credit/background and administrative fee, which is paid by the prospective tenant.